“One of the best things about living in the ModCell house is the constant indoor temperature. It's now October I haven't had the central heating on since late April. I've got a little indoor weather station that tells me the temperature, and every morning I look at it is always around 20° c! When friends visit they are so jealous that I haven't had to turn my heating on yet. For our old leaky Victorian terrace house gas bills used to be about £1000 a year now. Now they will be about £200. So ModCell is good for your pocket and for the global environment too! ”

Paul Chatterton
LILAC Resident and Secretary of LILAC



"Our students, parents, visitors including Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP who officailly opened the bulding have all commented on the look and feel of the building. The building creates a calmness and the design allows for a variety of teching and learning techniques to be used. In addition, the building is cost effective in both energy use and space created which is remarkable"

John Winter - Head Teacher

Weydon School



"All visitors awestruck and gobsmacked!

Learners are motivated, enthusiastic and proud of their learning space. 

The environment has a positive effect on pupils with behavioural difficulties. 

All users appreciate the excellent working conditions that the building provides - excellent motivation factor
. Comfort of learning environment is first class"

Mr R. Wilsher - Head Teacher
Castle Park Primary School



'I have moved from a 100 year old house which I made as eco-friendly as possible, including installing mvhr, so I knew what to expect. As long as everything works as now, Modcell lives up to my highest expectations. Having moved in in May, the hermetic sealing and mvhr have not yet been fully tested, but indications so far are positive...'

Clive Lord
Oldest LILAC Inhabitant



"100% of visitors have expressed their positive thoughts on the building
Energy savings have attracted tenants
Looks good and has a calm feeling with all the natural wood and large windows'

Tony Holdich - Chief Executive

Newlands Community Association



"The building has had a positive effect on users and visitors.

People are often given tours by staff who show huge enthusiasm and understanding of the building
Reflects the organisations ethos
Ambition is to complete an extension and for this to be made using ModCell"

Michaela Macrae-Simpson - Operations & Buildings Manager

Knowle West Media Centre



"Visitors to the building are very positive. 

Nice environment to work in and get positive comments from building users, especially on hot days"

Torfaen Borough Council