ModCell® Core + meets PassivHaus:

The ModCell® Core + System delivers on the demanding PassivHaus specification requirements for U-values, air-tightness and thermal bridging.

PassivHaus projects combine the excellent performance of ModCell® with improved glazing specification, Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery (MVHR) and project and location specific design. We are able to deliver this as an additional service for our modular solutions.

ModCell® Core + is a factory finished fully closed, dry lined panel system using breathable sheathing boards and 40mm of wood fibre breather/render board. The wood fibre board then has a thin coat breathable render system applied. Both the wood fibre and render is applied onsite. the internal sheathing board is battened ready to accept a variety of internal boards. 

ModCell® Core + u-Value

ModCell® Core +        = 0.11*

Current UK Building Regulations demand that a Cavity Wall has U Value of 0.35

Sequestered Carbon:

3m x 3.2m panel 1400kg of atmospheric CO2
Typycal 100m2 BaleHaus 43 tonnes of atmospheric CO2

Fire Performance

ModCell® Core +       = Subject to internal surface material selected. Please call for more information.

All ModCell® Panels can be manufactured in a variety of module sizes.

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