A Recipe for a Sustainable Structure:

ModCell® traditional and Core panels are available as non-structural or structural solutions.

Vertical loads are supported by the head and side panels and panels are designed for the specific loads.

A ModCell® traditional panel can support horizontal safe working load of 22kN for a 3m panel.

Call us for specific loading requirements.

On ModCell® Core panels vertical loads are supported by the internal studs and panels are designed for the specific loads.


ModCell® Core panels can be designed for horizontal loads in accordance with standard sheathing board design.

ModCell® is structural up to 3 floors high for both commercial and residential buildings.
 Over 3 floors progressive collapse design requires an independent frame into which ModCell® infill panels can be secured.

This provides a sustainable form of construction with minimal use of materials and low embodied energy.

ModCell® Panels are manufactured in variety of modules, to find out more go to the technical section.

To download ModCell® Technical Guide click link